Tennessee Titans shut down again; Ryan Tannehill loses faith

The Tennessee Titans’ facilities have shut down once again, and in the process, Ryan Tannehill is losing some faith in the COVID testing system.

The Tennessee Titans have seen a new player or team personnel member test positive for COVID-19 at extremely high rates over the past couple of weeks.

Last week’s game against the Steelers was postponed to Week 7, and this week’s game against the Bills has been rescheduled for Tuesday, but could also be postponed to a later date after the Titans have another positive test on Sunday.

As the Titans continue to find the COVID hole and plug it, so there are no more positive tests, Ryan Tannehill is starting to lose faith in the COVID testing system.

Associated Press reporter Teresa Walker reported that Tannehill said on Saturday that he has lost some hope in the COVID testing system after seeing the mixed results coming back from the lab.

“It was a roller coaster for sure. Definitely the fact that we had guys with no symptoms testing positive and we had guys with full blown symptoms getting consecutive negative tests on multiple days was really eye-opening,” Tannehill said. “Just the fact of we really don’t know. So, we have to to treat everyone as if they have the virus. Unfortunately, really probably lost some faith in the testing system just through everything we’ve been through over the past week and a half, but we said that from the beginning that testing is not going to prevent the virus from being spread, it’s the way we handle ourselves with all the protocols and handle ourselves outside the building as well, so it’s been a roller coaster for sure.”

There have been some reports of false negatives throughout this process, so depending on how inconsistent the results have been for the Titans, he definitely could have a reason to feel skeptical about the Titans’ COVID results, especially if the Titans never broke protocol.

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The NFL will now have to make a decision on the Titans’ game against the Bills that I was hoping they wouldn’t have to make. If the Titans have another positive either on Monday or Tuesday, I think it will be safe to say the Titans won’t be playing this week either.