Tennessee Football: Jarrett Guarantano ranked second worst QB in SEC

After a tough outing against Georgia, Tennessee Football quarterback Jarrett Guarantano quickly falls down SEC QB ranking.

I’d be lying if I told you I couldn’t have guessed where Jarrett Guarantano was ranked after an abysmal performance against Georgia. The Tennessee football quarterback has quickly fallen to one of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC.

Everything that happened to Guarantano in the Georgia game wasn’t totally his fault, but a large portion of it was. The offensive line fell apart in the second half, but when the o-line did hold up, the passing game didn’t hold up either.

A big issue, especially for a fifth-year quarterback, is Guarantano is still unable to be consistent when throwing the ball under 25 yards. He’s still inaccurate in short-yardage passes, and that can’t happen with an SEC quarterback in his fifth season.

Pro Football Focus has realized Guarantano’s shortcomings so far this season and has ranked him accordingly in its SEC quarterback rankings. PFF’s Anthony Treash ranked Guarantano No. 13 out of the SEC’s 14 quarterbacks.

“The biggest negative of Guarantano’s collegiate career has always been his accuracy, and this year has been no different,” Treash wrote. “He has thrown a quarterback-fault incompletion on 18% of his throws this year, which is nearly 3.5 percentage points more than any of the quarterbacks on this list. Guarantano has also made a far higher rate of bad decisions — his 2.8% turnover-worthy play rate from 2019 ranked 25th in the FBS and has nearly doubled to start 2020. Most of those plays have stemmed from plays under duress and have impacted a pressured passing grade of 27.8 (lowest in SEC).”

Vanderbilt’s Ken Seals is the only SEC quarterback behind Guarantano. JG has been inconsistent to start the season, with the only good performance coming against Missouri.

Jeremy Pruitt is going to have to figure something out at the quarterback position because if he leaves Guarantano in for the rest of the season, I don’t know if Tennessee can win six games. The second-worst quarterback in the SEC won’t be able to beat most of the teams that the SEC offers.