Tennessee Football: Jeremy Pruitt’s extension came too soon

Jeremy Pruitt was given his first extension as Tennessee Football’s head coach this past offseason, and it might’ve been a bit premature.

I’ve been a big supporter of Jeremy Pruitt since he arrived in Knoxville, but he hasn’t had a great season this year as Tennessee football was expected to take the next step towards success, yet they’re taking a step back.

Arkansas’ coaching staff simply outcoached Pruitt and the Tennessee coaching staff, and as a program that wants to be a national championship contender in the next few seasons, that should be unacceptable.

This is coming after Pruitt received an extension this past offseason. Although I’ve been a big supporter of Pruitt up to that point, I still thought it was a bit early for Tennessee to be throwing money at a coach that hasn’t proved himself.

He’s shown that he has potential as a head coach, but I’d like to see some real success before we start giving coaches extensions for hoping they can be successful.

I think we’re seeing that play out right now as Tennessee has suffered its fourth straight loss of the season after Saturday’s loss. A coach that is supposed to be as elite as Pruitt shouldn’t lose four straight games, especially when two of those games are against Arkansas and Kentucky.

If this doesn’t work out, then not only will Pruitt be out of a job, and Tennessee will be searching for a new head coach, but Tennessee could very well be looking for a new athletic director as well.

It’s going to be tough for the Vols to bounce back from here with one of the four final games looking like wins. The other three games are going to be tough to win for Tennessee, but it’s still possible.

The Vols will take on Teas A&M this Saturday, so it will be an uphill battle from the start, but if Pruitt wants to reinstate confidence in the fan base, then he can do that starting this week.