Tennessee Titans lead the league in scoring after Week 15 win

The Tennessee Titans offense continues to prove people wrong as it now leads the NFL in points scored after its dominant win over the Detroit Lions.

The Tennessee Titans are continuing to prove that they’re a contender in the AFC after people continue to count them out. That’s no different once again after the Titans’ 45-26 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

The Titans won their tenth game of the season and continue to hold the top spot in the AFC South, although the Colts are eager to retake the division lead as they sit right behind the Titans with the same record but lose the tiebreaker.

With the Titans’ 46 points in its win over the Lions, the Titans moved to first in the NFL in scoring offense. The Titans now lead the league in scoring with 436 points scored this season.

With two weeks remaining in the season, the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers sit right behind the Titans, with the Chiefs having 435 points scored and the Packers scoring a total of 434 points this season.

All three teams won their game this past Sunday, with the Packers beating the Carolina Panthers 24-16 and the Chiefs beating the New Orleans Saints 32-29.

It is extremely close, and either team could finish the season with the No. 1 scoring offense this season. Heck, if the Seattle Seahawks or Buffalo Bills go off these last two weeks, they might even lead the league in scoring. The Seahawks have 413 points scored, and the Bills have 407 points.

Having the Titans and Packers both in the top three in scoring this season will also add a little more to the two’s game this Sunday when the Titans and Packers will meet on Sunday Night Football.

The Packers are currently listed as the favorites and have one more win than the Titans on the season. ESPN’s Football Power Index gives the Packers a 62.4% chance at winning the game, with the Titans having a 37.3% chance.