Tennessee Football: 3 coaches to take over as head coach

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Tennessee Football is back in coaching search season, and the Vols don’t have too many options giving the timing of the year, but there are a few names available.

With Tennessee Football yet again looking for a new head coach, the coaching search will need to happen as fast as possible if the Vols want to have a new head coach to lead Tennessee this fall.

Tennessee has two options, though, and I’d expect the university to discuss both options internally. The first option is to hire a new head coach before spring practice and get the ball rolling under a new coaching staff for 2021. The second option is for Tennessee to hire a new A.D., appoint Kevin Steele as interim head coach, and allow the A.D. to run their own coaching search after the 2021 season.

I won’t be surprised at all if option two is the choice that the university goes with. Steele is already the acting head coach, so it wouldn’t take much to change his title to interim head coach and move forward to the 2021 season.

If the Vols do opt to hire a head coach before the spring, I do have a few names that I think the Vols could go after. Of the handful of coaches that might be available at this time, I think the Vols are going to have to hire a head coach that has assumed that role in a Power 5 program previously.

That is the experience Tennessee needs in the locker room and on the field if they want to reach the level of success they’ve been looking to reach over the past decade.

With that being said, I won’t include Kevin Steele in this shortlist. I also have a few coaches in mind who haven’t been Power 5 head coaches but have led a successful Group of 5 programs. These coaches will be options for Tennessee and will likely come at a cheaper cost.

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