Hope for 2021: Tennessee Titans’ offense isn’t going anywhere

There’s no hiding that the Tennessee Titans’ offense was much better than the defense throughout the 2020 season, and that’ll likely continue this year.

The Tennessee Titans’ offense is the team’s pride and joy. Without the Titans’ offense, they never would’ve been in a position to compete in the playoffs, much less have the potential of reaching the AFC Championship Game for the second straight season.

With every offseason come doubts and hopes for the next season. Depending on the state of the team, fans will begin making predictions about the team, and it’ll either be good predictions or bad predictions based on the state of the team.

With Deshaun Watson likely leaving Houston, Texans fans will make predictions that the Texans won’t be near as good next year, and the same goes for the Colts with Philip Rivers retiring.

The Titans are the exception in the AFC South, though. The offense is returning fully intact from last year except for a couple of players here and there, but the main players are all coming back in 2021.

Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and AJ Brown seem to be the future of the team, regardless of what happens around them. With a disappointing end to the 2020 season, there’s hope for the 2021 season because the Titans’ offensive core is returning this fall.

The Titans will likely need to add another weapon at the wide receiver position if they want to take another step in the right direction in being successful, but the Titans are starting in a pretty good spot. Signing Corey Davis to a new contract can also get the Titans a bit closer to reaching the ultimate goal of winning a championship.

The offensive line will also remain intact for the 2021 season. You can’t have a successful offense if your offensive line doesn’t have chemistry and can’t block, so keeping the offensive line intact for the 2021 season will help keep the offensive cohesiveness together throughout the offseason.

The only issue could be the incoming offensive coordinator. We don’t know who will be taking over Arthur Smith’s job after he took the head coach job in Atlanta for the Falcons, but there has to be some worry that the Titans might not hire the right guy for the offense.

If the Titans don’t hire the right offensive coordinator, everything they’ve been building over the past couple of years could come tumbling down this fall. On the flip side, if the Titans can find another gem to take over the offensive play-calling duties, then the sky is the limit.

Although the Titans didn’t finish the season as well as we wanted them to, the offseason should be fun as we wait to see who will be the next offensive coordinator in Nashville. I’m sure predictions and speculation won’t slow down anytime soon, either.