How close are the Tennessee Titans to winning the Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans had their best two seasons in a long time these past two years, but how close are they to winning the Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans’ season finished about a month earlier than fans, and the team were hoping. After making it to the AFC Championship last season, the Titans were unable to make it out of the Wild Card Game this year.

It seems like the Titans are pretty close to getting to the Super Bowl. After proving that they’re not a one-hit-wonder after an amazing 2019 season, they proved they have the talent to compete and beat any team in the AFC.

Unfortunately, the Titans caught the Ravens on a day where the Ravens were the better team, where the Titans have been the better team going back to 2019.

Now, the Titans have to look forward to the 2021 season and try to figure out how to navigate the AFC playoffs. The Titans should easily win the division, but I wouldn’t expect the Ravens, Bills, or Chiefs to go anywhere anytime soon. I wouldn’t expect them to drop off and have a bad season next year, either.

I think the Titans are getting pretty close, and it seems like ESPN thinks so as well. ESPN predicted every team’s “Super Bowl timeline,” and they have the Titans a year away from winning the Big Game.

Turron Davenport of ESPN has the Titans “still one year away,” which seems like a good thing, but ESPN also had the Colts and Cardinals in the same category, and I think they’re probably a few years out right now. I wouldn’t expect either of those teams to win a Super Bowl in the next two years. The other team in the “still one year away” category are the Browns, 49ers, and Steelers.

The Titans were ranked No. 10 in the NFL’s 2020 FPI ranking. The Titans proved throughout the season, they’re at least a top-ten team in the NFL and the Football Power Index ranks the Titans in that favor.

Strategy for becoming a Super Bowl contender: “The Titans’ offense was among the NFL’s best in points per game (30.7, fourth). Most of the key parts are returning in 2021, but they need to make serious defensive improvements to compete with the top teams in the NFL,” Turron Davenport wrote.

Biggest X factor: “Titans GM Jon Robinson is once again tasked with finding a game-changing pass-rusher this season. An improved pass rush will change things dramatically for the defense, especially the secondary, which would benefit from less time covering receivers. If the defense doesn’t improve the Titans will have wasted a really good offensive group.”

I think that the Titans are there if they can get the right guys on defense. The Titans’ pass rush has been awful, and if the Titans want to win a Super Bowl, they’re going to have to do a bit better in that category.

With the season over for the Titans, we have the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Buccaneers, and then we look towards the NFL Draft for what’s next for the Titans.