Tennessee Titans: Jadeveon Clowney could return for a second season

The Tennessee Titans’ pass rush was below average, to say the least, in 2020, and a second season with Jadeveon Clowney could improve the pass rush.

The Tennessee Titans have gotten a lot closer to being championship ready over the past few seasons, but they still lack on the defensive side of the football.

The Titans’ defensive pass rush was pretty bad last season, so I’d expect the Titans to focus on signing pass rushers to improve the defense during free agency and the NFL Draft coming up this spring.

One way they can help improve the pass rush is bringing back Jadeveon Clowney for a second season. Clowney had high expectations coming into the 2020 season after his long hold out leading up to right before the season began last year.

He didn’t quite live up to those expectations, and I wouldn’t expect him to have a breakout season next year either and have 13 sacks or anything crazy, but he can offer veteran support for the younger players the Titans will likely bring in through the draft and free agency.

Clowney could be a player that can bridge the gap between veterans and rookies that come in to compete for playing time in the Titans’ front seven.

If you’re hoping for the Titans to bring Clowney back, then you might luck out and get another season with Clowney in two-tone blue.

Terry McCormick of Titan Insider reported that Clowney is open to returning to the Titans this season, which could be beneficial for the Titans if they’re looking for a veteran like Clowney to help out in the locker room and on the field throughout 2021.

“The door might still be open for Jadeveon Clowney to return to the Tennessee Titans,” McCormick wrote.

“A league source with knowledge of the situation indicated that Clowney is “definitely open” to a return to Tennessee in 2021.”

Last year, the Titans and Clowney agreed to a one-year deal worth nearly $13 million. I don’t know if the Titans would be willing to pay that much for Clowney again this year, but he might be willing to take a pay cut to return to Nashville.

The Titans need all the help they can get in the pass-rushing category, so I don’t care who they sign or draft as long as they can offer immediate help to the Titans’ front seven.